Everyday Style Elevated: Fitzrovia's Go-To for Men's Hair in London

Step into a haven crafted for the everyday man seeking style and comfort in grooming. Our salon celebrates the essence of practical yet trendy men's hairstyles, understanding the needs of the average gentleman. With a relaxed atmosphere and a skilled team, we specialise in creating effortlessly stylish looks that fit seamlessly into your daily routine. Whether it's a classic trim or a modern twist, we pride ourselves on delivering quality cuts that elevate your appearance without fuss. Experience the ease of grooming tailored for the everyday man, where simplicity meets sophistication.

Price List Gents

Walk in - no appointment needed
Dry cut / short £24
Wash + cut/short £30
Dry Cut + Beard Trimming / Short £40
Long  dry cut (chin to shoulders) / Restyle
Long wash & cut / Restyle 
Just side & back / Clipper cut
Clipper all over (one number)
Students dry cut / short £22
Students long dry cut / Restyle £27
Students wash + cut / short £27
Wash + style £20
Back of neck hairline  £15

Beard Trimming (clipper) £20
Beard shaping & Trimming £24